The gateway to Fjord Norway - and More

Bergen is the second city of Norway (after Oslo) with many restaurants, good nightlife and facilities plus top attractions in and around the city. The Bergen region has good travel links with Europe and is the natural place to start exploring west Norway and the fjords. Sadly there has not been a ferry to the UK since 2008 and there will not be one until at least 2017 (see February 2015 update)

World class Attractions

Whatever your interests, we think we can impress you with the things to see and do around Bergen, and in south Norway. Active and sporty, Families, Sightseeing, Fjords and Mountains, or History and the Vikings - you choose.
Also check out all the special events and festivals in the region.

Holidays and short breaks

Whether you are coming to Norway for a 2 week summer touring vacation, grabbing a quick weekend break, looking for places for a one or two-centre self-catering "hytte" holiday, or planning your next skiing trip we have suggestions for you


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Hyttes (meaning cabins or cottages) are the main self-catering option in Norway, with apartments becoming more common in skiing areas. We think you will like our new hytte and apartment search and booking system.


Norway has many good - and growing - ski resorts. You can reach Voss and Geilo as a day trip by train from Bergen, with Røldal, Hovden, Hemsedal and others not so far away.