Ferries to Bergen and south west Norway

There is 1 international ferry service on the west coast of Norway and this calls at Bergen - the FjordLine "Bergensfjord" operates to Hirtshals Denmark.
There are other ferry services to Denmark and Sweden from other ports.
There is no longer a service to the UK. The Newcastle ferry stopped in 2008 and will not resume until at least 2014. (See this December 2013 update)

DFDS Seaways England - Norway

There is no longer a ferry service between Norway and the UK - DFDS Seaways operated the Newcastle - Stavanger - Haugesund - Bergen route, but stopped it in August 2008

Fjord Line Denmark - Stavanger - Bergen

Two new Fjordline ferries operate this route from Hirtshals in north Denmark and is popular with visitors from mainland Europe who want to cut down on the driving to the west coast of Norway (there are shorter ferry routes to Kristiansand)

Smyril line to Faroe and Iceland (summer)

During the summer the ferry route that links Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark used to stop in Bergen and the Shetlands , but no longer.

Other international Ferries

There are several other ferry ports - including Larvik, Kristiansand and Oslo - with quite a few other ferry services. These are all covered on our main Arrival page on www.stavangertravel.com

Local ferries and fast boats

After arrival here, there are still many car ferries and fast boat services linking the communities of the west coast and the fjords