Summer touring holidays in south west Norway

Let us help you plan your vacation. There are many routes you can take to really experience the unique character of south west Norway - we can guide you through places you might not otherwise find.
Arriving with your own car from Denmark is very popular, with a choice of ports where you can get off the ferry. You might want to consider mixing your arrival and destination ports - for instance arrive in Bergen and depart from Stavanger.
The UK ferry to Newcastle ended in 2008 and will not resume until at least 2014.


Stavanger - Ryfylke - Setesdal - Sirdal loop
Ryfylke island hopping
Lysefjord and Sirdal loop
Hardanger driving tour

Fjords and Mountains

If you are coming for fjords and mountains then begin in Stavanger with its wooden town, cobbled streets great restaurants and museums. Explore Lysefjord, Pulpit Rock, Kjerag and Sirdal before island hopping through the Ryfylke area and on to Hardanger and Sørfjorden - full of fruit orchards and a glacier above. From here, go through Voss for Flåm and the famous railway line, before checking out the Sognefjord area and heading for Bergen and the trip home.

Boats and beaches

One of the best strings of sandy beaches in Europe is around Stavanger, and further south is Sørlandet, with countless islands and inlets, all great places for messing about in boats, plus the popular towns of Kristiansand and Mandal.

Lakes and valleys

Explore Sirdal and Setesdal, including Hovden and the steamboat at Byglandsfjord or go further east to Telemark, with its canal linking the lakes all the way to Dalen. From Hardanger you can pass Våringfoss waterfall and go over Hardangervidda to Geilo and Hallingdal with its stave churches at Gol and Torpo, then Hemsedal and through the 25km tunnel to Flåm, and on to Bergen.